28 agosto, 2022

LoveGeist 2010: What Do Male Daters Appear To Be This Season?

An easy breakdown of the modern feminine dater provided us an average age and physical information, a listing of common needs and wants, and a peek into exactly what twenty-first millennium ladies look for in someone.

Now it’s the perfect time for your men to make the period.

Who is the average male dater this year? Why don’t we meet bisexual women him!

A man on the Species

Using a similar test dimensions on women (75,000 users), fit determined your typical male user:

  • Is 25-30 years old (24%).
  • Is actually 5’10» large (16per cent).
  • Provides darkish tresses (31%) and blue eyes (40per cent).
  • Views his body type as average (46percent), though significantly more than one fourth (29%) of respondents said these include nicely toned and sports.
  • Is actually easygoing (43%), but much less social versus ordinary girl (4per cent).
  • Is intelligent (53per cent have actually a degree, compared with 15percent on the common male populace of UK).
  • Enjoys vacation above all other activities, accompanied by films, dialogue, and eating at restaurants.
  • Probably really works in that industry (16%), is actually self-employed (14per cent), or consumes a management character (13%).

And that is an average people’s ideal lady? Per multiple-choice responses, this woman is of ordinary create (86percent), has actually shoulder-length (93percent), golden-haired (87%) tresses, is easygoing (89percent), and possesses a spontaneity (80per cent).

  • It appears that Marilyn Monroe had been correct whenever she said that «Gentlemen Prefer Blondes,» though they also like dark colored (85per cent) and light (78percent) brunettes. Black hair scored 79per cent, with redheads at 59per cent.
  • Men had a definite choice for long tresses. Shoulder-length tresses was available in at 93per cent, long-hair was actually liked by 90per cent from the sample, and also long-hair was popular with 65per cent.
  • Slim (85%) and athletic (80per cent) figures were regarded as probably the most attractive, but do not start starving yourselves, females – 65% of men enjoyed ladies carrying a couple of extra few pounds.
  • Males appear agree with ladies that sight tend to be a person’s many appealing function (77%). Additionally on top of the attractive characteristics number are «look» (76%), «a cute bottom» (54per cent), «nice feet» (52per cent), and «an enjoyable tummy button» (13%).
  • The perfect girl wants to dine out, and enjoys music, gigs, cinema, and spending time on pub.

since we’ve met the average women and men of, we are willing to move on to more technical subjects. In the next chapters of all of our review, we are going to check out how the citizens with the UK and Ireland view dating, romance, and love, and we also’ll meet «a new strain of practical intimate, the ‘Pragmatic.'»

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